Yeti Mountain Home

Our six beautiful lodges will make your Everest trek a truly unforgettable experience – in the best possible way. All built using sustainable technologies, employing local people, growing our own vegetables and with the depth and generosity of a warm Sherpa welcome, Yeti Mountain Home luxury lodges offer an incredible experience in the high Himalaya.

As well as our YMH Treks we also welcome independent trekkers who wish to plan their own journeys and stay here or there for a night or more. If you’re planning to trek in the Khumbu and have your own itinerary in mind, you are very welcome to enjoy the comfort and warmth of our beautiful mountain homes for as long as little as you like.

In the autumn and spring seasons it is best to book in advance: you can use our own booking facility here, email us for advice and information.

If you prefer to be completely flexible feel free to call in for a delicious lunch or dinner or a lovely comfy room for the night. Our doors are always open for passers-by!