Pavilion Himalaya

Pavilion Himalaya


  • Pool
  • Pampering & Wellness
  • Bird Watching
  • Working with local social projects
  • Farm activities
  • Bar


Introducing the true enchanting culture of Nepal to the world, The Pavilions Himalaya is so much more than a resort; it is a place of serenity far removed from the hectic noise and bustle of the modern world; an oasis that offers the enriching experience of every aspect of the Nepalese lifestyle and environment, from landscape to architecture, from rainforest to mountains, from the spiritual calm of Buddhist and Hindu monasteries to the exhilaration of Himalayan mountain trekking and the excitement of white water rafting. It is a resort that offers visitors the unique opportunity to open their senses to Nepal’s magical world of spiritual serenity and unmatched natural beauty.

Visitors can look forward to relaxing in Nepal’s only villa resort, with 15 spacious villas – the largest in Nepal - spread out over organic farmland and featuring spectacular mountain views. Each eco-friendly villa, whether stand-alone or family-sized, combines traditional rustic design with contemporary luxury features.